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083006-YTN star Hankyung Siwon Timeless MV shooting

YTN news on Timless MV shooting, it's kind of different from the Mnet version. It's mainly about the hostage rescue and Hankyung & siwon's hospital scene. Hankyung's acting was really good in the rescue part, the teary eyes, OMG, I almost cried! PD asked him to shout out loud in either korean or chinese, and he yelled chinese to Siwon and siwon yelled back in korean. Feel kinda funny here. Hankyung said he really fell asleep while filming the hospital scene in his radio program and the PD said "Hankyung's taking a nap again, wake him up, it's done!" Siwon did a great job too! Feel so sad when seeing him hitting himself at the heart. It's gotta be a really sad MV, but still can't wait to watch the full version.
The brief story about the MV: Hankyung and Lee Yeonhee were a couple. Siwon was the bad guy one day held Lee Yeonhee as a hostage while he was being chased by the police. Hankyung was the police officer who was ordered to catch Siwon. Hankyung found the hostage was his girlfriend and got enraged. Siwon shot Hankyung at his head and Hankyung went to coma. And he was believed unable to wake up so the family decided to give up and donate his organs to other people. Siwon escaped eventually I guess. But Siwon got a heart condition and need a transplant. Now you know where Hankyung's heart went. After the transplant, Siwon felt his heart hurts whenever his saw lee yeonhee and then he found out that the heart beating inside his body now belonged to somebody he killed and the guy was the girl's loved one.

credit: YTN star