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【Bass Boosted】BeatBurger - Vagabond

Headphones recommended!~
Feel free to leave a request, but please keep in mind that I might not do yours. I'll try to though ♡

If you want to request something, I would really appreciate it if you look it up first if I already did it before or not. Simply put kirakira behind whatever you're searching. If that isn't getting you far, you should take a look through my playlists~

Also, I don't accept japanese releases from korean artists.
Those only got me copyright strikes in the past. I hope you all understand that I'm trying to avoid that.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of this. Includes the picture, the song and even the humans themselves.
If anyone has a problem with what I'm uploading without their permission, contact me and I'll remove it immediately!

Check out my Dailymotion Channel (For those vids, that youtube blocked):

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Kik ID: KiraVoiceless
Line ID: kiravoiceless
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SparklingKeikeu

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