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BEAST - 'I Like You The Best' Official MV [HD]

Starring: Beast and Son Na Eun (A Pink)
Official MV!
Credit by: Cube Entertainment

This is the second part of 'Beautiful' MV!
Part 1:
Part 2:

NOTE(If you wonder why this MV is not uploaded by BEAST's official channel): This MV is not suppose to be uploaded(for don't know what reason). But this MV is leaked by a b2uty, who had stolen JunHyung's laptop and uploaded it on the internet! Well..when this MV is leaked, I am one of the so called 're-uploader' and I have the luck that my upload became the top viewed among the other re-uploads. :)

[HD] Official MV | Beast(비스트) ft. Son Na Eun (A Pink) - I Like You The Best (니가 제일 좋아)

Click CC for subtitle(English/Chinese) for HyunSeung and JunHyung's conversations at 1:13 :
Hyunseung: So you lost to the new kid. Breaking the record wouldn't be fun if it was too easy, right?

Junhyung: It won't be easy, but it will be broken eventually.

Hyunseung: That's right... but... I don't think you'll be the one who breaks it. I can tell just by looking at you

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