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Best songs of SHIN HYESUNG (신혜성)

This video is about my favorite songs of Shinhwa's Shin Hyesung. It included his solo albums and some songs of Shinhwa's album that he sang alone. It is very difficult to choose songs into this list. Because his song is great and I love his ballad style. So I made it just for collection not for ranking. I hope you enjoy it.

Track list:
#1 00:00:00 로코 드라마 (Roco drama)
#2 00:03:17 Beautiful Girl
#3 00:07:18 Stay
#4 00:11:45 지우고, 버리고, 잊어도 (Erasing, Letting go, Forgeting)
#5 00:15:49 같은생각 (Same Thought)
#6 00:19:58 Special Love
#7 00:23:35 Midnight Girl (Pop Ballad Version)
#8 00:28:20 그대라서 (Because It's You)
#9 00:32:33 예쁜아가씨 (Pretty Girl)
#10 00:36:16 Buen Camino
#11 00:40:46 그대라면 좋을텐데 (It'd Be Nice If It Were You)
#12 00:44:06 떠나지마 (Don't Leave)
#13 00:47:58 그대 눈물까지도 (Your Tears)
#14 00:51:51 I Luv You
#15 00:55:57 첫사람 (First Person)
#16 01:00:03 안녕 그리고 안녕 (Hello and Goodbye)
#17 01:04:37 조금 더 가까이 (Closer)
#18 01:08:53 끝이야 (End)
#19 01:13:03 왜 전화했어 (Why Did You Call)
#20 01:17:32 돌아와줘 (Come Back to Me)
#21 01:20:52 거울 (Mirror)
#22 01:24:40 Awaken
#23 01:28:23 혼잣말 (Talking To Myself)
#24 01:32:04 미안해... 널 잊어서 (I'm Sorry I Left You)
#25 01:36:26 째각째각 (Tick Tock)
#26 01:40:02 내가 죽어가 (I'm About to Die)
#27 01:44:12 어린애처럼 (Like a Child)
#28 01:47:38 벌 (Punishment)
#29 01:51:52 거짓말이라도 (Even If It's a Lie)
#30 01:56:34 Ex-Mind
**Bonus** 01:59:55

Thank you for watching.

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DISCLAIMER: I made this video just for show my personal favorite songs and advise the great songs of Shin Hyesung for the new Shinhwa Changjo. I gave credits to the owners in this video. All rights go to the respective owners. I'm not making money from this video.