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Big Bang & EXO's Reactions to Troublemaker & INFINITE's Performance @ 2013 MAMA

트러블메이커 + 인피니트 무대를 본 빅뱅 + 엑소의 반응

The "Seungri reaction to Hoya and Hyuna" going around is actually Seungri getting a shock when he appeared on the screen. There are big screens at their right and a smaller TV at the front of the seating box showing what is being aired live. Everyone else (EXO, the rest of Big Bang, Crayon Pop etc) laughed because of Seungri as well.

Just a note. If the artist is looking at the top left, they're looking at the huge screens showing what's broadcasted to us. If they're looking at the left, it's the main stage. If they're looking at the right, it's the front stage. If they're looking below them, it's the smaller screens at their seating area, showing them what's broadcasted as well.

From the fancams I've watched so far, the performance ended right there and nothing other than the hug happened between Hoya and Hyuna. After the performance, they both bowed formally/politely and left the stage.

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Sources & Original Fancams:
01. Full Performance (Trouble Maker + Infinite) was downloaded. I don't have the link anymore.
02. Top & GD Reaction: ‪‬
03. Kris Reaction:
04. Luhan & Kris Reaction:
05. Seungri + GD + Top Reaction:

Great collaboration by the way, you can tell that they didn't have much practice together but it was still something new and enjoyable

I'm don't necessarily /ship/ hyuna and hoya but I do agree that just that few seconds of them staring at each other gave me more chills than all the troublemaker performances combined. They looked good together (as performers) (∩_∩)

PS. As the saying goes, one rotten apple spoils the bunch. This is why I delete the comments of rotten people that say things without any sort of filter. (fangirls these days...)

Okay, that's all.


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