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BoA Only One (Yunho & Taemin comparison)

EDIT: I think I'll make a compilation video of all the idols that performed with BoA after her promotions end :)
Also guys, you can state who you think did better nicely, but please don't be a jerk about it. None of that "we all know so and so is better" or "this person sucks", or I'll just delete your comment. This isn't meant to turn into a fan war. In the end it's all just opinions.

Just wanted to make this really quick so I could see both stages side by side :D Who do you think did better? In my honest opinion, not being biased (because I'm an ELF so I don't really favor DBSK or SHINee more than the other lol), but I think Yunho did just a little bit better. But of course they both did amazing, BoA too ^___^ Hopefully they'll use more SM idol dancers in later performances! *cough* Donghae *cough*