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BoA - Spark 2004.08.08

This is one of my most favorite Spark performances. Since it is so famous, I didn't guess that nobody uploaded it on Youtube... so I had to upload it. It has a little defects; I'll upload a better one if I find it. I hope you guys like it~ I am a die-hard BoA fan.

Her dance. I really wish everyone can see this. I have never known a better dancer. She's not even 17 then... The way I define a good dancer is when she can wiggle like a worm. I didnt know how to describe it, so my BFF and I named it "the worm".... she curves and rolls like a pro. I love it! Most other dancers are pretty stiff even though the rhythm is there... Her moves are super sharp, super precise, and super "umph" even though she's skinny and one might think she has no strength.

oh dear all, btw this song is a remake of luis fonsi's keep my cool.