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Delicious Korean Toast (Not Gross This Time)

Last time we had Korean Toast for a FAPFAP it was half a loaf of bread covered in whipped cream and sauce. It was nasty. Bad nasty. Not Good Nasty. There are other kinds of Korean Toast, though, savoury kinds of toast, and they're freaking delicious. We show you what that toast is like, so you don't think of all Korean Toast as bad. Because it ain't! This stuff here is the good stuff.

Oh, and I bust a wicked freestyle to show you my lyrical flow
Act Like You Know/
Korean MCs be runnin from the show/
Can I get an A-O
Like G-Dragon
Bust rhymes like this I got a reason to be braggin.

I'm gonna stop with the wicked flow now. Just watch the video.

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