[ENGSUB] 2014.09.22 Zhang Liyin "In Love" Beijing Showcase | My Station

[ENGSUB] 2014.09.22 Zhang Liyin "In Love" Beijing Showcase

Many thanks to Zhang Liyin's Baidu Bar (张力尹吧资源组) for the original video. Please turn on CC (Closed Captions) for English subtitles. Chocolyn prohibits all copying or distributing of our subtitles. This includes, but not limited to, embedded hardsubs, commercial purposes, or any other reuploading methods.

Translators: nekox2, amerscha, LvDMay
Timers: syaak92, tag_traumer, Wendy
Korean Editor: plumblossoms
QC & Editor: Wendy
Lyrics: amerscha, Jaysca101, Hyewon, KpopLyrics

00:01:53 ► Tasty - Addiction
00:07:09 ► Tasty - Do You Know Me
00:11:42 ► Zhang Liyin - Agape
00:20:17 ► Zhang Liyin - Back Then
00:29:20 ► Zhang Liyin speaks on-stage with a fan
00:33:07 ► Zhang Liyin's letter to fans
00:36:07 ► Zhang Liyin - I Will
00:40:49 ► Zhang Liyin & EXO's Chen - Breath
00:49:19 ► EXO's Tao enters on-stage
00:49:53 ► Zhang Liyin sings "Happy Birthday" to EXO's Chen
01:01:48 ► Zhang Liyin plays the violin
01:04:00 ► Zhang Liyin - Love on Top
01:10:00 ► Zhang Liyin dances to EXO's "Growl"
01:13:00 ► Behind-the-scenes footage of Zhang Liyin's "Agape" and "Not Alone" music videos
01:17:32 ► Zhang Liyin - Not Alone

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