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EXO | Expectation VS Reality (Pt2)

Series: EXO Expectation VS Reality (Pt 2)

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Songs used:
1. 0:00 Lucky - EXO
2. 1:50 Genie - SNSD (Girls Generation)
3. 2:39 MYM - Lay
4. 3:49 Monster - EXO
5. 5:06 Red Flavour - Red Velvet
6. 6:06 Dream Girl - SHINee
7. 6:53 Gashina - Sunmi
8. 7:51 Like A Cat - AOA
9. 8:03 Growl - EXO
10. 8:43 Gee - SNSD (Girls Generation)
11. 10:06 BAE BAE - Big Bang
12. 10:45 Russian Roulette - Red Velvet
13. 11:04 Run - EXO