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EXO's Most Talented Member | Multitalented (Pt1)

Seires: EXO’s Most Talented Member (Part 1)
Stan Talent. Stan EXO. (Part 12)

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Before y’all get salty and start arguing who’s better in the comment section. I’m making a video under ‘EXO’s Most Talented Member’ for everyone in EXO because they are all crazy talented in their own ways! Please don’t go comparing members, just appreciate each individual and STAN EXO!

Chanyeol is seriously so talented! There were so many other clips I wanted to add but couldn't cause the video was getting too long :( He also has so many other talents such as billiards and bowling, snowboarding and the list goes on!

Originally I titled this video ‘EXO’s Most Talented Member | Chanyeol’ and there was a bit of controversy/misunderstanding which wasn’t my intention at all. So I changed it to ‘EXO’s Multitalented Member | Chanyeol’ because I didn’t want people comparing the members in EXO. I decided I would just make a video for every member because they are all amazing and I wanted to show people why. So please look out for the series ’EXO’s Most Talented Member’.

Songs used:
1. My Lady (EXOrdium Acoustic Ver) - EXO 0:43
2. Sabor a Mi (Cover) - EXO 1:29
3. Maybe (Chanyeol Cover) - Yiruma 2:18
4. River Flows In You (Chanyeol Cover) - Yiruma 2:44
5. For Life - EXO 3:28
6. Moon - Chanyeol 3:55
7. Heaven - EXO 5:00
8. Let Out The Beast - EXO 7:39
9. All Of Me (Chanyeol Cover) - John Legend 7:47
10. Hug Me (Chanyeol Cover) - Jung Joon II 8:49
11. If We Love Again - Chen & Chanyeol 10:20
12. Baby Don't Cry - EXO 10:58
13. Do It Together - EXO 11:26
14. Promise - EXO 11:41
15. Wolf (EXO'rdium Remix) - EXO 12:20
16. Exodus - EXO 12:33
17. Love Me Right - EXO 12:55
18. The Eve - EXO 13:04