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[FANCAMS] Girl Who Impressed EXO-K (Genie AR Show)

*EDIT: According to a comment left by @coseangel (and I've also seen other people report this), the girl's name is Lee Eun Hwa, and this is her youtube:
Check this description for links to all videos of her. (I'm adding a link to another Genie AR Show that she did from the S.M.ART Exhibition that @coseangel kindly put in her comment^^)

I saw the individual fancams of each members' reactions, but I was curious to know which parts of her dance they were reacting to, so I decided to compile them all together. Sorry, it's really messy... .__. Blame iMovie's inability to crop videos to certain shapes. :P
Hope you like it! I think the best way to watch this is to focus on one member and the girl at a time so you can see exactly how they react^^

Kai: EXO XO (exoxotistorycom) (/watch?v=2265AR0dGv4)
Suho (and Kai): hush8806 (/watch?v=hH82fZwtI8U)
Baekhyun: lovely9123 (/watch?v=JHThvD52mjo and /watch?v=JqOuxVBP9PE)
Chanyeol and D.O. (and Sehun): reeyadada and [DO-TRUST] (/watch?v=nwsmaEkfjd0)
Sehun: exo2012egloos (/watch?v=b75X0Zt9C7M)
Girl: loaloading (/watch?v=Knq_K3qNsTo)
Award: hush8806 (/watch?v=1bsVDwJDOsc)

(Note: Some of the fancams started/ended at different times, but I used the whole fancam I found for each member that I could find one for. Hopefully they're good enough. Sorry they pop in and out though :/)

I swear, I've become her fangirl. LOL
Look at some of her other dance covers! I swear my jaw dropped and stayed like that for like the entire time xD
Run and Gun: /watch?v=elbPgHaDaX4
MAMA (audition for everysing): /watch?v=1beGPSd9k9k
History: /watch?v=qRSwBcywW90
*Genie AR Show at S.M.Art Exhibition- Two Moons and MAMA: /watch?v=YYjpp5-Q6Lg