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Girls' Generation (SNSD) You Think - dance cover

This dance is honestly so flipping fast and i can't feel my neck or thighs anymore after all that hair whipping and squatting. But I hope you enjoyed it ^_^ I'm really loving GG's comeback this time :D Sorry about the bad lighting problems and me going out of sync with myself during some parts.

I wanted to cover lion heart as well but I won't be able to because I'm flying to Hong Kong for a year in 2 days! I'll be studying there, doing a year abroad because I simply can't stay away from travelling :) So I doubt I'll have time in the first few weeks to make covers because I'll probably be settling down and getting used to a new city. I feel terrified thinking that I'm going so far away for so long, a place where I honestly don't know anything^^ But I'm excited all the same for another adventure :) I will definitely still be making covers in HK, just give me some time to sort myself out first ^^ I'll be posting about my time in HK on my instagram so if you'd like to stay in touch then you can find me thereee @kyufleck

Other than that, I hope you all are well and enjoying the last few days of summer (muhaha not for me since HK is still hot). Much love and see you all sooonn :)

Dance cover to GD & TOP's Zutter:

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