[HD] After School - BANG! MV / 애프터스쿨 - 뱅! 뮤직비디오 | My Station

[HD] After School - BANG! MV / 애프터스쿨 - 뱅! 뮤직비디오

Artist: After School (애프터스쿨)
Song Title: BANG! (뱅!)
Album: 3rd Single Album - BANG!


Track 02 - 뱅! (Bang!)

Written by the best producers (Lyrics by Kim Tae-hyun, composed by Kim Hee-sun), the title song Bang! was supposed to be included in the 2nd single album. To make the song more complete, more time was needed to make it into a more elaborate track. Doing away with formalities, this is an experimental song which has the latest trends. After Schools unique colors can be felt through this song.


After School is an 8-member female group from South Korea managed by Pledis Entertainment.

Debuting initially as a 5-member group with their debut single AH in January 2009, they were labeled as the Korean Pussycat Dolls for the matured and sexy concept they had taken on. In April 2009, After School released a digital single titled DIVA and introduced a new member, Uee, into the group, as part of After School's admission and graduation concept. Later in November 2009, member Yoo So Young announced her withdrawal from the group citing health and studies reasons. At the end of the same month, After School admitted in two new members, Raina and Nana, for their 2nd single album entitled 'Because of You'. Continuing with their admission concept, After School admits in their 8th member Lizzy for their 3rd single album 'BANG!'