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[HD/ENG] 120716 EXO-M Do Your Best 全力以赴

I believe you've all seen our Do Your Best teaser? Now here's the real deal!!!!!

We've all seen the fancams, we all know what is going to happen. BUT!!! I bet you didn't know who looked the coolest in the race against the giant dominos and what's TAO's record exactly on that elevated slide.

What we've heard so far are endless fan accounts, so I guess you all want answers, and we have them! All in this subtitled episode of Do Your Best!

We've slaved through this to present this show to everyone as fast as possible, in HD quality. So please, please forgive any mistakes you see in here. We also have a new credit reel, so please check it out and give us some feedback~

Today is EXO-M Global's 100th day anniversary, so this is one of our presents for everyone^^ Enjoy :)

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