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Hyuna - Bubble Pop MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Ok, I'm gonna clarify the whole thing TO ALL THE HATERS!

1. I'm not korean! But I still tried to translate this song.. I know there's a lot of mistakes but I can't correct them now & I won't make another video neither fill this one with correction notes. If the bad translation annoys you that much, go find another one.

2. Yes, she overdid the sexyness.. and what's wrong with that? If you're a girl I'm sure you like to see hot guys... if you're a guy you like to see hot girls! That's what everybody likes, that's what they gave to us.

3. I know in a part of the video you can notice she has cellulite, who cares? There's not a single girl who doesn't have at least a little.. we can't do nothing about it.. it just appears.. Don't talk about other body.. Focus on your own.

Now please don't be a hater... and enjoy the music.


Artist: Hyuna
Song: Bubble Pop
Album: Bubble pop!

Blog: http://lovekpopsubs.wordpress.com/

Han: AsianDream2013
Rom/Eng: LoveKpopSubs

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