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Jang Ri'in/Zhang Li Yin - Happiness Left Shore [HQ] Part 2


This Video Stars Super Junior Members HanKyung a.k.a Hangeng in Chinese + Siwon and Korean Actress Lee Yeon Hee

The Story tells of the past lives from her Timeless MVs

*Continuation Of Interview From Part 1 Here*

Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1hkfnZyl40


I : In 03, you entered SM company, right? At that time you are 16?

LY : That time, I was 15.

I : How did your resolution come to go to Korea?

LY : Actually, to be selected into the company was a coincidence. I had never thought to be selected especially to go to Korea to become a singer. Actually, my dream was to become a singer and my parents give me a lot of support. Through their support, I went to Korea.

I : You must be missing home a lot since you are so small. How did you overcome this?

Ly : Because in the beginning, due to the difference in language, no one was socialising with me. The new environment made me felt a bit unease. So, I usually called home. I remembered I called home and cried to my mom during a festival.

I :You cant say anything?

LY: Yes. Cant say anything.

I :Beside being homesick, the language must also be a trouble?

Ly : Yes. I spent the most effort in language since the Korean language is a language that I think, have one of the most difficult to pronounce words.

I : The most memorable memory in korea is?

LY : I think it is when LSM personally bought me a dress when I firstly arrive there. Even though it was just a simple dress, it is the thought that touched me. To me, he seemed like a father and the whole company gave me the vibe of being a family to one another.

I :Everyone seemed to give you a lot of care. Your seniors also gave you a lot of help.
Then, in 06, you received an award. You were very touched, right?

LY : I was very touched. It seemed like a dream, because ever since I was small, I was jealous watching the winner wining awards in any award shows and hope that one day, I can be like them. Besides, the award was for newcomers and it is very important for me since this award happened once in a lifetime.

I : Then, it must be the first time, you felt being acknowledged. There must be a lot of people screaming your name.

Ly : Yes, a bit.

I ; What were your feelings when you first knew that your fans were called Chocolate?

LY : I thought it was cute and pondered about it. Chocolate smells good and passionate which represent the love of my fan towards me.

I : In the big SM family, who is the closest to you?

LY : Han geng ge, Si won ge.

I : The most helpful one and the one that you are most thankful of?

LY : I want to thank LSM because the first time I am in korea, he was very caring towards me and give me a vibe of being in a family. With his support ever since my debut, I can carry on. of course, I want to thank Xiah Jun Su senior who sings the song with me and the actors of the MV, Han Geng and Si Won and etc.

I : We collected some cute nickname of you online. There are ( at 10.47), the Chinese BoA, (at 10.51) what is your feeling to these nicknames? Do you think they suit you?

LY : I think they are cute and I hope I can show you different colour of Li Yin.

I : Actually, when you are small, you wanted to be an artist or singer?

LY : Singer because since small, I really like music and singing. I hope to give people good music.

I : What kind of artist you wanted to become?

Ly : I wish I can be a bit more all rounder. I will work harder and try everything, singing, dancing, and maybe acting. To show the fans, a different side of me.

I : What is your special plan in this 08 since it is an Olympic year?

LY :This year, I am going to promote my album and then, in every region in China, performing the songs. I might release the Korean version of this album in Korea in this year.

I : Where do you want to go in China?

Ly : I wish to go to Cheng Du, my hometown to spend some time with my family. In the past few years, I haven't been spending enough time with them. Maybe to catch up with them.

I : Lastly, do give a word to the viewers.

LY :I wish the CY will expand and everyone will like my songs. I will continue working hard. I hope that you will anticipate more from me. I wish you guys a healthy life and always stay happy.

I :Give us some sneak preview of your title song, I Will.


LY : Thanks.
credits to potensvita