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Kim Heechul's memory & riddle solving skills

I wanted to upload this video on his bday last July 10, but kshowonline posted ep5 hardsubs yesterday so this is like a late Heechul bday video.
Genius Hee will forever be my favorite that's why I'm really salty that there are no available subtitles for the show Code: Secret Room. I've seen some clips of him solving riddles and trying to figure out everything and it's amazing.
Heechul has always been a TV mania. One of my favorite Heechul show is A Night of Brilliant Memories and the senior actors/actresses that were guest there adored him cause of how he knew tv shows that were really old.😊😝

Life Bar episode was subbed by @leaderjiwon on twitter (
This is her tweet for the link of the full episode:

Knowing Bros eng sub
Aneun Hyungnim
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