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Knowing Brother Special part I-b: Attacking the Guests part 3

A few hours late from the time I wanted to post (jtbc kept on blocking some clips😔🙄😅. lol)
So close to 100k subs😮. Thank you so much😀🙈😄😊💙. I'm not really the type to do the "comment, like, subscribe" thing cause those things don't work on me😝😅. lol. But seriously, thank you.

I'm debating on whether I should do the savage guests first or the individual random moments of the brother+jang sung kyu🤔. That is the 100k subs video I was thinking of doing. Similar from the one a few months ago, where I upload individual compilation each day starting from the oldest to the youngest. Let's see what I can finish getting clips of first😝🙈😅😝

Anyway, SUPER TV (Suju's new variety show) will premiere on January 26.
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Follow the subbing team at: for when/where the subbed videos will be uploaded.
Please watch the videos at facebook or vlive. Although, has english subbed versions of the teaser on their channel:

Super Show 7 added new tour dates, here are the countries so far💙:

Subscribe to Sungmin's youtube channel:
He uploads regularly and there are several subs on the videos.
You can also message if you don’t know Korean and wants to send letters to Sungmin’s show😊

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Thank You💙😊

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