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Kpop clumsiest Idols

Kpop clumsiest Idols

Here are a Kpop clumsiest moment, a compilation of Kpop idols breaking things, falling/tripping up things.

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Intro and outro song: twice
Idols in this video:

【BTS rap monster 】
Also known as God of destruction, "he's better of staying home for world peace" - suga, (the guy to call when rap monster breaks thing, he breaks and suga fixes)
【Exo Kai 】
He's always breaking things yet his reaction is as if it's the first time he's broken things
【Apink Bomi】
Breaks things in an extra manner
【Exo Xiumin 】
He's a danger to be around!
【Girls generation taeyeon 】
Poor thing just what's to show her skills but her clumsiness shows too
【Seventeen minghao】
Is clumsy with regret
【Apink naeun】
Breaks thing, hurts Other and hurts herself... she's got the full package
【Red velvet irene 】
Clumsiness with a class is what I'd all irene
【Exo chanyeol】
C for clumsiness... P for possibly the clumsiest... PARK CHANYEOL EVERYONE!
【Twice sana】
You all knew she'll make the list, actually she almost made the whole video. The video selection is endless
【Seventeen mingyu】
He's clumsiness on legs
【Shinee taemin】
The magic hands are at it again
【Super junior donghae】
Lowkey clumsy
【Shinee onew】
What can I say, it's onew's condition

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