[MV] JOWOOCHAN, PARKHYUNJIN, ACHILLO (조우찬, 박현진, 에이칠로) _ OGZ (PROD. GroovyRoom) | MusicMall
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[MV] JOWOOCHAN, PARKHYUNJIN, ACHILLO (조우찬, 박현진, 에이칠로) _ OGZ (PROD. GroovyRoom)

[MV] JOWOOCHAN, PARKHYUNJIN, ACHILLO (조우찬, 박현진, 에이칠로) _ OGZ (PROD. GroovyRoom)

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Elementary school students have decided to do something ambitious! 13-year-old rap geniuses, Jo Woochan, Park Hyunjin and Achillo have teamed up for the 'OG SCHOOL PROJECT.'
These boys who have skipped learning to walk and started to run first have started with 'OGZ.'
'OGZ' is a global hip hop song based on a sophisticated beat with catchy and witty lyrics and addictive melodies.
'OGZ' derives from 'OG' (Original Gangster) which refers to respect and pride in hip hop and the new Korean term 'Ojida' which means brilliant and talented.
The song contains these 13-year-old rappers' ambition to become a respected OG in the future.


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