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[MV] Paran(파란) - First Love/Forever Loving You (Korean ver.)

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***BLUE CIEL (fanclub name of Paran)***
credit: huttkung [Real HUGE fan boy of Paran, I'm BLUE CIEL] (highhut @ youtube.com), m. net
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***BLUE CIEL (Fanclub name of Paran)***
PARAN: Five young men teamed up in a rebel of music adorned with the color blue. Paran is a pop idol band made up of five young men whose ages range from 17 to 25. The five members of the band had been living together for 2 years while being trained in singing and dancing. Being fluent in English and Japanese, the band has targeted overseas markets since their debut. Also, all the members have been trained in all areas of musical production from chorus and dubbing to sub-producing. The lyrics to their first hit song "First Love" was written by poet Won Tae Yeon. The song is like the confession of love amongst young teens. The song is well-known for its sophisticated and classy feel in which the voices and talents of all five members of the band are well displayed.

In Paran's second album "Five Steps" the best gift they received was the opportunity to work with Usher's music team 'Gary Haas'. We are looking forward to seeing them as a global group that will be well known all over the world. Danny Ahn and Kim Tae-Woo from G.O.D., Hwang Sung-Jae, Shin Min-Ohk, P.J. and so forth have participated in this album. Paran shows fans a more precocious music and a new image that will show a different color of them.

When Paran first debuted, not many music listeners and watchers approved of them. They were being compared to many other boybands that were debuting around the same time. With their unique way of presenting themselves to the music industry, many people disregarded their music and paid attention to other groups instead. Some people even mentioned that Paran had bad dance skills. However, Paran worked hard to overcome the criticism to be the band they are today.

Paran is the first Korean male group to record a song in Thai. Releasing one of their original hits "First Love" in a Thai version, they have made themselves recognizable not just in Thailand but in our hearts. Recently, they have also sung some of their hit songs in Japanese. Let us all root for the five member global group, PARAN!

Profile : Ryan (라이언) (Lead Vocal)
Name : Chu Jong Hyuk (주종혁)
Birthday : 22 October 1983
Height : 181 cm.
Weight : 67 Kg.
Blood Type: A
Education : Department of Theater and Film, Chungang University

Profile : Neo (네오) (Vocal)
Yang Seung Ho (양승호)
Birthday : 22 August 1985
Height : 180 cm.
Weight : 66 Kg.
Blood Type: O
Education : Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment, Seoul Arts College

Profile : P.O. (피오) (Vocal)
Name : Lee Soo In (이수인)
Birthday : 9 April 1987
Height : 185 cm.
Weight : 75 Kg.
Blood Type: A
Education : Yangjae High School

Profile : Ace (에이스) (Vocal)
Name : Choi Sung Wook (최성욱 )
Birthday : 11 February 1987
Height : 180 cm.
Weight : 67 Kg.
Blood Type: AB
Education : Kyunghee High School

Profile : AJ (에이제이 ) (Rapper)
Name : Kim Jae Seob (김제섭 )
Birthday : 4 June 1991
Height : 180 cm.
Weight : 58 Kg.
Blood Type: A
Education : Korea Kent Foreign School