[Oppa Thinking] HNERY - He Shows Off His Violin Play 20170603 | My Station

[Oppa Thinking] HNERY - He Shows Off His Violin Play 20170603

[Oppa Thinking] HNERY - He Shows Off His Violin Play
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【Oppa Thinking】.

"Sales video" production for smartphone generation Variety!
Sales video directors gather so that the public can become fans of the stars. Oppa Thinking production is specialized in star-tailored sales video. We will upload the video that we produced together with the star to request it directly. And check the sales results. Sales performance of star will be confronted with business results!

Members: Yoo Se-yoon, Tak jjaeun, Lee Sang-min, Lee Kyu Han, Heo kyung-hwan, Gangnam, Sol Bi, Lee Mal Nyun, Lee Sang Jun

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