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PROUD by DBSG / THSK - eng sub

To answer "Why did they cry?"- the questions that many ppl have :
At the time I subbed the video, I thought they cried because they were very touched by the support of fans who filled up Budokan theatre, the dream stage of any Japanese artists - that's why I called it "tears of joy" in my vid. Later on, when I watched their interview in "Star Show", I understood more that they had an incredibly hard time in Japan, that they even thought of giving up, that's why when performing on Budokan stage and receiving such enthusiasm from fans, all of memories about hard times in Japan went through their heads and they were also overwhelmed by the love of everyone. So I guess my interpretation of them crying "tears of joy" still makes sense.
P.S October 21, 2008: Just finished watching my/our boys in a radio show with MC Mong, then I went back to watch this vid. Can't believe I cried again after so many times watching this. Be it 6, 10 or 20 years, I pray that they would never change and so does my love for them.

P.S: I understand each of us has a favorite among the boys, but please do not bash any of the rest. I'm sorry if you see your comment deleted...I love all of Dong Bang boys. They complete and love each other like real brothers, so I guess they would love to see us fans love them all.

Original message of this vid:
Like everybody else, I was so moved by this performance so I really want to sub this (but It's hard to find the translation of this song, though~~). Anyway, the song is not translated by me but I did the subtitle.