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S - Save You

From the Jenn Ghetto's (ex Carissa's Wierd) last album, "I'm not as good at it as you".


I really should have seen this coming
don't know why I feel betrayed
kind of knew that when you left me
I would be the one you'd blame

how you never thought about it
and just what you put me through
if you think I think you're lying
well it's all because of you

and you were there and I was dreaming
I found all of your cocaine
and I thought you would be sorry
and I thought I'd feel the same

I would wake up again crying
thinking what a stupid game
so you think you might stop drinking
holding on to all these things

and you're not here
and I need you
and you're not here
and I need you
and you're not here

and we'll go back
and we'll go back
and we'll see what might have been
and we'll see what might have been

and i will be the one who will come to save you
and i will be the one who will always save you
(and i will be the one you want to have to save you)
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