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Secret - Opening Title

Title: 비밀 / Bi-mil (Secret)
Episodes: 18
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2000-Sep-13 to 2000-Nov-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Cast: Kim Ha-Neul (김하늘), Ha Ji-Won (하지원), Ryu Shi-Won (류시원), Kim Min-Jong (김민종)

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Secret (aka Bimil, Korean Miniseries) - Description

This MBC Korean TV drama mini-series from 2000 stars some of today's most popular actresses, and delivers all the magic, charm, and elegance fans expect from a K-drama classic! Compassionate and always thinking of others first, Lee Hee Jung (Kim Ha Neul from Romance) is a young woman whose only dream is to become a fashion designer. Her power-hungry younger sister Lee Ji Eun (Ha Ji Won - Damo and What Happened in Bali) will stoop to any level to get what she wants... and she wants Cho Young Min (Kim Min Jong). Will the elegant and classy Young Min have the wisdom to recognize his true love and put an end to all the deception? This hugely successful show features all the drama and heartache one expects from a K-drama. The lies and deceptions between the two sisters demands more than competent acting and the two female leads deliver on their promise admirably. However, the real praise should be lauded on Kim Min Jong, who portrays Young Min with a calm elegance and grace that raises Secret to the status of a modern day classic. He is quietly captivating throughout and steals the show from his co-stars. Secret will have you cheering, crying, and yelling at the TV screen, as you experience all the ups and downs of this pure K-drama classic. Don't miss this 18-episode masterpiece.