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SHINee crying over Jonghyun - compilation

Warning: This video might get you very emotional and sad. If you are not ready please choose a different video. Stay strong and let us remember that Jonghyun is in a better happy place.

Watch SHINee Crying Moments:

Watch and find out who disrespected Jonghyun & SHINee:

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Last two songs are From Now On & Diamond Sky

Shinee's Jonghyun committed suicide last Dec 2017. The rest of his bandmates are devastated. This is a video of a few clips we found of the group crying over his death. I'm hoping this will help us heal as we all mourn together.

Don't Say Goodbye composed/produced by Ilya Truhanov as Solo acoustic guitar composition with a kind of melancholy, nostalgic but warm and smooth emotional tone. Provided by