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Songs of Kim Heechul (김희철) - "The 希"

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Kim Heechul (김희철) is a member of Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) - an idolgroup of SM Entertainment. He's known as the rapper and also the visual of group, MC, actor and radio DJ. He can play drum, piano.

Umm.. And maybe many people dont think the same but with me, he has a very very special voice. His 4D style is awesome too!!!

This playlist is called "The 希".

--------------------------------Track List---------------------------------
1. [05:15] Close Ur Mouth
2. [03:15] Breakup Are So Like Me
3. [06:45] Don't Walk Away
4. [10:22] First Star
5. [13:52] The Way Idols Breakup
6. [16:51] Soul