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Super Junior Best Ballad Songs Collection [PART 1]

This video is my favorite Super Junior's ballad songs collection. It's including every albums and solo(es) of Super Junior.
30 songs, 2 hours. I hope you enjoy it.

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1) 00:00 My Love, My Kiss, My Heart
2) 03:40 Dorothy
3) 08:04 Memories
4) 12:15 You are the one
5) 16:09 Coagulation
6) 20:30 The Little Prince (Ryeowook Solo)
7) 24:51 Dead at heart
8) 29:01 Don't leave me
9) 32:42 Mirror
10) 36:43 A short journey
11) 40:27 Blue Tomorrow
12) 45:05 Endless Moment
13) 48:43 A 'good" bye
14) 52:34 Only U
15) 56:10 At Gwanghwamun (Kyuhyun Solo)
16) 01:00:52 Island
17) 01:05:20 Daydream
18) 01:09:06 Let's not ...
19) 01:12:47 Storm
20) 01:17:24 She's gone
21) 01:21:42 Lunar Eclipse
22) 01:25:52 ... (ing)
23) 01:30:08 A million pieces (Kyuhyun Solo)
24) 01:35:21 Believe
25) 01:40:17 We can
26) 01:44:15 What if
27) 01:47:41 In my dream
28) 01:52:44 Words of Westerly Wind (SJ-M)
29) 01:56:21 Stars ... appear
30) 02:00:06 Way

- Debut B. Jewel -

DISCLAIMER: I made this video just for show my personal favorite songs and introduce the great ballad songs of Super Junior. All rights go to the respective owners. I'm not making money from this video.
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