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Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) Sexy Free & Single - dance cover

hey my sexy free and single hotties ;D (hi to you too mr./miss happily-in-a-relationship T_T)

i know you guys said i shouldn't dance when i have fever but it's suju! i couldn't resist ^^ there are some mistakes you can note if you look carefully but i hope you dont notice ^____^ i didn't have the energy to film anymore though^^ - im so amazed at how they can not only dance this thing perfectly in one go but also sing to it! practise makes perfect i guess :) and as usual, i know my boy band covers aren't thaaat amazing but help me improve kay? :) at least this time i tried doing hyukie's part instead of cheating like in my mr.simple cover^^

and thank you once again for 10k subscribers! i made a special video for you guys:

hope you all are doing goodiee :)


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