SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 Special Stage 'SUPERMAN' & 'A-CHA' & 'Mr. Simple' 2011.12.23 KBS MUSIC BANK | My Station

SUPER JUNIOR 슈퍼주니어 Special Stage 'SUPERMAN' & 'A-CHA' & 'Mr. Simple' 2011.12.23 KBS MUSIC BANK

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Super Junior, Releasing the Repackageage Version of the 5th Full-Length Album on September 19th!
4 New Songs Including 'A-CHA' and Total 17 Songs in the Repackage Version!

Super Junior returned to domestic stages with 'Mr. Simple' in 1 year and 2 months and proved their enormous popularity by sweeping KBS 'Music Bank' for 5 consecutive weeks along with SBS 'Popular Song' and 'M Count Down', the triple crown. And this time, they are releasing the repackage version of the 5th full-length album on September 19.

This repackage version includes total 17 songs, adding 4 new songs such as 'A-CHA' to otherthe 13 songs in the original album that fans will experience more diverse and rich musical charms of Super Junior.

'A-CHA', the 2nd single following 'Mr. Simple', is a powerful rock-based electro-house dance song composed by the popular songwriter, hitchhiker. Easy melody, elegant rhythm that excites the mood, and the lyrics that wittily depict the love like Don Quixote's who strives to hold on to a faltering heart are combined together to create the charming sound that is distinguished from other dance songs of Super Junior, raising expectations for the new performances of Super Junior.

'Oops!!' is a unique song that brings the cheerful mood of Super Junior to the listeners. Leeteuk, Heechul, Shindong, Donghae, and Eunhyuk wrote the rap by filling it up with ridiculous and playful brags about themselves, and the refreshing featuring of f(x) and unique sound effects to add more fun to this song.

'Andante' is Leeteuk and Henry's second composition the second song composed by Leeteuk and Henry of Super Junior-M following the first one, 'All My Heart', included in the 4th full-length album. and 'A Day' is a sensuous pop ballad with frank and honest lyrics promising unchanging love.

Fans will have the chance to experience more mature musical sensitivities of Super Junior through the new songs added in the repack version as well as the original songs, and the album is expected to receive great responses from the fans as the original album did.

Super Junior's 5th full-length album, 'Mr. Simple', is showing the top sales record among the albums released this year while exceeding 300,000 copies in about 40 days after the first release and sweeping various record sales charts such as GAON Chart and HANTEO Chart, reconfirming the potential of Super Junior who sold the largest number of records for 2 years in a row.

Super Junior will once again mesmerize the eyes and ears of the music fans around the world with 'A-CHA' continuing the fever of 'Mr. Simple.'