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The Most Amazing Art of the Year(Part 2) 2013-2014

Unbelievable art exhibitions at the center of the art world!! In part two, check out the Top Ten most unique art exhibitions in New York City... in the category of "Things That Would Actually Fit on My Wall"

Several short video clips were produced by other companies. The full videos are a MUST SEE. Check out the full versions here:

"Li Hongbo: Statues in Motion", by Kid Guy Collective:

"Hughesually: The Art of Patrick Hughes", by Flowers Gallery:

"Jim Campbell at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, March/April 2014", by Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

"Emilio Perez: Artists and Oceans", by One World One Ocean (a really cool organization):

For more images and information about the exhibitions, galleries, and artists, and images, please explore the following links:

Li Hongbo @ Klein Sun Gallery!4128

Thomas Demand @ Matthew Marks Gallery

Kristen Morgin @ Zach Feuer Gallery

Patrick Hughes @ Flowers Gallery

Sze Tsung Leong @ Yossi Milo Gallery

Barbara Probst @ Murray Guy Gallery

Martin Klimas @ Foley Gallery

Jim Campbell @ Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery

Emilio Perez @ Galerie Lelong

Jessica Mein @ Simon Preston Gallery