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Top 20 Longest Notes By K-Pop Stars

So when I had my request video up, this video request was one of the most thumbed up (actually, it was more about high notes, but I would rather do this). At first, I was like, "Um... ok..." But then I went and saw other videos (My god there are a lot) and noticed a trend. They're incredibly biased. Like, why the fuck do I need to see three different Changmin screams from Keep Your Head Down? Why?! Clearly, people make those videos to make their bias look good (this goes across all fandoms). The videos were limited to title tracks and had way too many short runs (we could go on for days if I had to do that to feature all the artists). So I decided to go this route. It's the most unique (as far as what I've seen out there) and features singers that most K-Pop fans would leave out. So I hope you all enjoy this! The research took 30 times longer than actually making the video sadly. And I'm pretty sure I forgot someone, because I don't watch any singing shows so this was difficult. I had asked on Twitter but fans couldn't provide me the info. Oh well. But hey, I think what I produced, a majority, if not all, couldn't make a video as diverse.

The rules set are as follows...
1. 1 entry per singer (Yes, yes, we all know Jonghyun has lots of long notes, but 1 appearance is enough)
2. Live performances only. No variety show challenges or lip-synced performances. (Yes, I know about Luhan banging his head trying to extend his long note in that challenge for 20+ seconds, but that is in a completely different context and setting and doesn't belong here.)
3. 1 breath only. (This pretty much eliminates the smokers in K-Pop who have to take breaths in the middle of their runs. I could name names but I'll refrain.)
4. Timer will start at the beginning of the 1st word after the breath taken before the long run. (I implemented this rule because of Sandeul mostly, as he extended his runs with trills. Others slightly do it too and/or change octaves)

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Artists and Songs Include: (In Alphabetical Order)
Ailee / 에일리 - Fate
Changmin of TVXQ / DBSK / 東方神起 / 동방신기 - Toki wo Tomete
Daehyun of B.A.P. / 비에이피 - Goodbye - The one from the DVD was questionable because the camera wasn't on him so I couldn't check his veins, haha. And since another member picks up the run, it's difficult to tell when Daehyun stopped. -- FANCAM Credit: Vic Tory
Eunji of Apink / 에이핑크 - I Don’t Know
G.O. of MBLAQ / 엠블랙 - Mona Lisa - Disregard this one. I realized after I made the video, he took multiple breaths. Luckily, he's only #20.
Haeri of Davichi - That Only is My World
Hongki of FTISLAND - Fish -- Video Credit: BMSub
Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky - Like a Man
Hyorin of SISTAR / 씨스타 - HeeYa
IU / 아이유 - Good Day
Jonghyun of SHINee - Stranger -- FANCAM Credit: LoveJiggaban Ch
K.Will / 케이윌 - Tears of Mokpo
Minah of Girl's Day / 걸스데이 - Nothing Lasts Forever
Onew / 온유 of SHINee / 샤이니 - Friends
Park Hyo Shin / 박효신 - Superstar -- FANCAM Credit: Vi Han / Lim Geum
Sandeul of B1A4 / 비원에이포 - Just the Two of Us
Se7en - One Last Cry
So Hyang - Arirang Alone - My favorite things to watch are the people's reactions. And the ones' here are priceless. I laugh every time.
Sunggyu of INFINITE / 인피니트 - Wings / 날개
Taeyeon / 태연 of Girls' Generation / SNSD / 소녀시대 - Hush Hush
Yoseob of BEAST / 비스트 - Breath / 숨


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