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While You Were Sleeping 당신이 잠든 Full Playlist

If you are a food lover, Check out my Penguin Macarons inspired by Hang Woo Tak’s stuff toy from While YouWere Sleeping https://youtu.be/8LKuSkP7HeY
For OST Playlist (12+1 OST): https://youtu.be/6SSCOMjvDRU
For the organized 1-11 OST: https://youtu.be/LRQpfywNmSs
For my first vlog: https://youtu.be/NP_0TofFwgE

Update: I will be posting the full album after the series has ended as there will be new 2 ost coming up for Episode 15 and 16

Hey guys this is just an overview of the 9 OST that are released in While You Were Sleeping from Episode 1-16, This is not yet the official Full Album of OST as there will be more than 7 ost coming from the differennt popular singers. I hope you understand that even if a new song is coming out, Please avoid bashing my playlist as this is serve as my personal playlist too . Again, Please bear in mind that this is just an overview. Thank you for your kind consideration

Best Regards,
Eric from Eric’s Cakes

P.S: To clarify everything else, this is not the full album! Please don’t misunderstand that and I promise I will be making a full Albim ost to share on! I apologize for not
giving you the full album as the series is still airing! Please refer to the links down below for updates songs and playlist from While You Were Sleeping 😊🙂