Zhang Li Yin - Not Alone + [English Subs/Hanyu Pinyin/Chinese] | MusicMall
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Zhang Li Yin - Not Alone + [English Subs/Hanyu Pinyin/Chinese]

# 张力尹 - 我一个人 (나 혼자서) + [ENG SUS/PIN YIN/CHI LYRICS]
# from: [Not Alone - Single]
# Well it's kind of late..... but better be late than never, enjoy~

# Edited some parts of translation by myself.
# Translator's note (amerscha @ Chocolyn): The Chinese lyrics were very poetic, so I could not do a literal translation on some parts (or else it would not make sense at all). On those parts, I more or less just wrote out the meaning behind the poetic verse. Or rather, what I (and some members of my Chinese family lol) interpreted as the meaning.
# I did not do a proper thorough check on the lyrics, do excuse if there's any mistakes.
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